Children are full of zest for life – cheerful, eager to learn and curious. But the little person’s development does not always run smoothly, and medical help becomes necessary.

We, Dr. med. Jürgen Krebber, Dr. med. Liliana Skowron and Max Braun, have the knowledge and the diagnostic possibilities and treatment methods to accompany your child from the first day of life until the end of puberty.

Get to know us on the following pages.

We see ourselves as general practitioners for children and adolescents who cover the entire spectrum of general pediatric and adolescent medicine. One focus is on the increasingly common allergic diseases. Furthermore, as trained neonatologists, we are aware of the fears and concerns of “premature parents”, so that the aftercare of former premature babies is also one of our specializations. We also cover a comprehensive spectrum of pediatric endocrinology and diabetology, in particular the increasingly topical field of trans* medicine. We support patients during puberty-blocking and gender reassignment hormone therapy.

The increase in behavioral problems led to close cooperation with a child and adolescent psychologist in our practice at a very early stage. Kidney diseases are one of our specialties, and modern ultrasound diagnostics enable us to detect abnormalities in the urinary tract at an early stage. With our focus on nutritional medicine, we are able to detect and treat malnutrition through appropriate programs.

Our patients benefit from the fact that we take enough time for them. Together with a child psychologist, we exclusively care for private patients and self-pay patients. This allows us to carry out thorough examinations and consultations in a relaxed, personal and calm atmosphere.

With our expertise, our specializations and the medical equipment in our practice, we can diagnose and treat the most common and important childhood diseases without you having to go to the trouble of seeing another specialist.

Experience has shown that we can help you with most acute problems outside surgery hours by telephone. If this is not enough, we will come to your child and examine him or her during a home visit.

This means you don’t have to take your sick child to one of the three emergency pediatric practices.

In addition, we make planned home visits, e.g. for U2 for newborns from the 3rd to 10th day of life.

We only offer home visits to patients of our practice.

We are happy to look after you and your child with any problems, from birth to the end of puberty. We take a lot of time to build up a relationship of trust and make a reliable diagnosis. We want you and your child to understand what we do. Don’t be afraid to ask.

For the little ones, even unpleasant appointments are only half as bad, and the less unpleasant ones are even fun!

But we don’t just take action in the event of illness. We also support you with competent preventive healthcare – to prevent illness from occurring in the first place.

If your child falls ill outside practice hours, you can always reach one of us at the weekend, on public holidays or in the evening. This means you don’t have to spend any time waiting with your sick child in one of the three emergency pediatric practices.

You can find the doctor on duty here on our homepage. We offer this emergency service exclusively to patients of our practice.

Pediatrician private practice in Cologne

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Outside practice hours, we offer a doctor's call service for emergencies. Here you can contact the paediatrician currently on duty.

After my studies, I wanted to do good medicine the way I had learned it – without restrictions due to budgets, time pressure or staff shortages. I can do that in this practice.

I would like to respond to the trust of my patients and their parents with care, understanding and competence.
That is why it is particularly important to me to keep my specialist knowledge up to date with the latest research by regularly attending further and advanced training courses.

My decision to become a pediatrician was clear even before I started my studies. I am passionate about this and look forward to my patients coming to my practice with their own children in the future. For me, this also means holistic family medicine.

Children need people who listen with their hearts and act with their minds.